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3D Renderings will ​make your presentations and marketing materials stand out from the crowd. 

5. 3D Rendering allows the flexibility to display your products in any environment, without the cost of renting a space or physically setting up a stage and
    lighting.  You can browse our website and choose props, or we can build custom props to decorate your scene in the exact setting you desire.

​At TEKNODESIGN, we offer the finest production services in 3D rendering and animation.  We exclusively render for the contract furniture sector, since 2001. 
Once your product is modeled in 3D and rendered digitally, the picture perfect image can be used for posters, brochures, websites, sales presentations, tender proposals and any other marketing strategy that needs imagery. The followings are brief explanation of the main advantages of 3D renderings:

6. Animated renderings are also powerful tools to show a specific functionality of your product. These are quick and affordable tools to display a special feature.

1. 3D rendering is a cost effective way to create photo realistic images of the products that exists in your mind or on paper, with your exact specifications.

2.  Your product can be displayed and reviewed in various finishes or fabrics at any angle without the need of producing samples or prototypes.

3D Renderings VS Photograpy

4.  The mechanical aspect and movements of products can be shown in one 3D rendered image and are better understood by your customers.

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3.  Detail shots can be provided with ease.  We can zoom in on any image to provide crisp, accurate and clear view of the details in a perfectly adjusted exposure.